Hospitals, hotels, offices, warehouses, restaurants & more rely on us for both one-time and weekly/bi-weekly proactive Coronavirus cleaning.

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Core-19 is prepared to be your trusted partner in COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting. Among the steps that Core-19 is taking to ensure that our government, commercial, and residential clients will receive immediate and uninterrupted service to reduce risk of liability and risk of infection includes maintaining a highly-trained team of Biohazard Responders, a large inventory of antimicrobial chemicals that are Health Canada approved to kill Human Coronavirus, personal protective equipment (PPE), and air fogging (decontamination) machines.

Core-19 provides Coronavirus cleaning, disinfecting, air fogging, and sanitization services to governmental, commercial (office spaces), and residential homeowners throughout Ontario.

To limit the survival of the Coronavirus inside of your buildings, our certified technicians will ULV Fog the entire structure, and wipe high traffic areas to ensure proper cleaning.

We have a large number of commercial clients who have already contacted us and utilized our disinfecting services as a proactive approach, which we encourage. Whether you want to be proactive or have already had a positive COVID-19 virus case at your facility, we are offering our discrete emergency disinfecting services 24/7 across the province of Ontario.

Get Sanitized Certificate

Sanitized following the guidelines using Health Canada Approved Product.

Customized Disinfection Systems

We know that every home or business is different and has faced unique threats and challenges during the pandemic. That’s why our experts will work with you to ensure that our disinfectant services are personalized to fit each individual client. Our fully certified team will address your properties specific needs to ensure that your living space or workspace is as decontaminated as possible.

If your home or business has been exposed to dangerous pathogens, or if you’re taking preventative measures to ensure your continued good health, our team is there for you. Our industrial-strength cleaning supplies are approved by Health Canada, and our disinfection team is fully trained to handle biohazards and potentially contaminated materials.

Trust Our Team to Keep You Safe

Core-19 takes every precaution to make sure the only thing we’re doing at your home or business is removing pathogens, not bringing them in. Our team, our equipment, and our vehicles are all held to rigorous cleanliness standards, and you can be assured that any technician who enters your home or business will only do so while outfitted in the proper personal protective equipment required to prevent contamination.

We are committed to doing everything we can to combat the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as the Coronavirus. While we all practice responsible social distancing and isolation, our team will work to make sure your home or business is free of all outside contamination, you can rest easy knowing that the places you frequent are safe from the virus.

We use Core-19 X30 Solution

Core-19 X30 is a hospital grade disinfectant, cleaner, mould killer and highly effective odor eliminator. The product is non-irritating to skin and non-corrosive to any surface that is treated.