It is widely acknowledged that common surfaces represent a significant source of microbiological contamination and have become major factors in the battle against crossinfection. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts contaminate surfaces and can form biofilms resilient to hygiene processes i.e. cleaning and disinfection.

Harmful pathogens can be transferred via touch or even the air as tiny droplets. Aerosol (droplet) cross-contamination is not only significant for viral infections but infections from spores such as C.diff. Bacteria can be found in the soil and in water systems (esp. E.coli, Pseudomonas, etc.), and the risk increases for anyone in the community with low levels of immunity.

We use Core-19 X30 Solution

Core-19 X30 is a hospital grade disinfectant, cleaner, mould killer and highly effective odor eliminator. The product is non-irritating to skin and non-corrosive to any surface that is treated.